Sun Safe Checklist

What is the Sun Safe Checklist?

The heart of Desert Camo Apparel's mission is to promote sun safety and bring awareness to skin cancer.  The Sun Safe Checklist was created to provide you with sun safe tips and friendly reminders to protect your largest external organ from potentially deadly UV rays. 


UPF50+ rated clothing is the best line of defense against the suns harmful UV rays.  Preferably long sleeves and pants is ideal.  Always choose a wide brim hat, polarized sunglasses and an umbrella (those can be found with a UPF50+ rating too).  Broad spectrum sunscreens are your best bet to block out both UVA and UVA radiation.  Reapply every two hours.  If you must go outside, avoid the sun between 10a-4p and head for the shade.  This is the time at which UV rays are at their peak.  Just say NO to tanning beds.  Tanning beds emit the same UV light as the sun.  Be aware of surfaces that reflect and intensify the UV rays (windows, pavement, sand, water, snow, etc.)  Schedule yearly skin checks with your dermatologist.