Because Cancer is a Prick!

Our slogan is “Because Cancer is a Prick!”  This applies to ANY and ALL cancers!  Cancer has a ripple effect far beyond the patient.  The inner workings of families , relationships (personal, work, etc.) and daily activities can be torn apart in the blink of an eye.  Please email your frustrations, the good and the like to:

We’ll post them here.

@my_melanoma_world (Cancer is a prick because) It creates pain during and after cancer!

Heidi S.
Cancer is a prick because it just is.

Dorothy P. Cancer is a prick because it fucking sucks.

@spananinaturally Go natural...because cancer is a prick!

@stacie_rebecca The monster robs so many of precious time and seeks to steal your peace of mind.

@llcprewitt Cancer is a prick because it tried to push me around last year, but I was like 👋✌😘🖤, "Nah, I'm #BecomingWonderWoman instead!" Skin cancer is a prick as it sneaks up on you & tries it's best to bully you and the scars ugh!!! But it also teaches us to look after ourselves & to educate others to be sun smart 😊

@raychg411 Cancer is a prick because it smashes the hearts of families. F Cancer! 

@beasleytobone Cancer is a prick because it makes you feel like u are at its mercy. 🌹

@everyonecallsmebean Cancer is a prick because it stole my mom.

@katesoldestgurl Cancer IS indeed a prick! Especially because you can't see it coming.

@daninicole4life Cancer is a prick because it can make your life miserable, but like pricks in real life.....Love always beats the prick. No matter the remains.

Nancy A. Breast cancer took my mom at the age of 56.  Cancer has no limits. Age, sex, or color, doesn't have any boundaries who it affects. Anyone is subject to it.