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I Woke Up Like This

I was mostly focused on getting to and waking up from my second major surgery.  The fear and anxiety of being out of control was more than I could bear.  My dad took care of my three boys as my husband and I made it to and from surgery.  I tried to keep the routines as normal as possible.  The day started of early, a day before my 35th birthday. On our way to surgery my dad called and said I forgot to pack the proper clothes for one of my boys.  I lost it.  I tried so hard to keep things completely "normal" for my boys as we navigated our "new normal".  Luckily, my dear family friend happened to work...

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The Deets

Hi, I'm Candice Mason, Founder of Desert Camo Apparel and welcome to The Prickly Post.  This blog series is dedicated to promoting sun safety, skin cancer awareness and prevention!  Here's my story: In August of 2017, my world came crumbling down all around me. In college, I had a light freckle pop up on the right side of my nasal wall that took 10-15 years to morph into a questionable mole.  I went to see my primary care physician who laughed at me and told me I was fine.  We had that type of relationship but in retro spec, probably not funny.  Flash forward to my third pregnancy, circa 2014, I had my first skin check.  I made the appointment...

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